Clacton care home residents enjoy trip to the seaside

Clacton care home residents enjoy trip to the seaside

ELDERLY beachgoers were able to “feel like children again” after utilising specially adapted wheelchairs to enjoy a trip to the sunny seaside.

Residents at Edensor Care Centre, in Orwell Road, Clacton, revelled in a glorious day by the sea by using two beach-friendly wheelchairs.

The group of six, who were also joined by two residents from Marmora Care Home, were able to go onto the sand and into the water.

In between taking turns on the chairs, they also made the most of a delicious picnic in the sun and refreshing ice creams.

Muhammed Neeliyath, manager at Edensor, said: “We bought our beach wheelchairs thanks to donations from Colchester Catalyst Charity and Pickering Electronics.

“They have made such a huge difference to the lives of our residents who use wheelchairs.

“Traditional wheelchairs are wholly unsuitable for the sand so having the special beach wheelchairs means we can take residents onto the sand and into the water.”

Home bosses are now trying to acquire a large shed so they can store the beach wheelchairs without having to dismantle them after each use.

Muhammed added: “Being able to store them made up rather than in sections would allow us to use them more frequently without the hour it takes us to build them.”

To donate a shed, call Edensor on 01255 423317.