How We Help

Colchester Catalyst Charity aims to help relieve the sick and suffering by making a positive and ongoing contribution to the improvement of healthcare in North East Essex.

Our primary mandate is to provide support that benefits as many people as possible, largely through direct contributions to organisations for specific and well-defined projects, including therapeutic aids, equipment and building works for medical or nursing care.

However we realise that some disabled individuals need specialised equipment that is not available through statutory organisations. In these cases, we may make a contribution to the cost incurred by individuals.

For information on how to apply for an organisational or individual grant, please see Applying for Grants or contact us on 01206 323420.

We also offer a Counselling service through various organisations in Colchester and Tendring, contact us on the same number.

On the Lookout for Innovation

Colchester Catalyst Charity is always searching for exciting new projects to support. If your group has an innovative idea that meets our criteria, contact Rodney Appleyard or Stephanie Grant on 01206 323420.

We are very pleased to tell you that Colchester Catalyst Charity now considers funding applications from anywhere within the CO postcode.

Catalyst Partners