Special Individual Needs

Before applying for a special individual needs grant from Colchester Catalyst Charity on behalf of yourself or someone for whom you are responsible, please read the following information:

Who Can Apply?

Applications will be considered from individuals of any age, so long as such applications fall within the Charity’s remit and these guidelines.

Special Stipulations

a) Grants will not be made for any item that has already been purchased.

b) The Charity is unable to consider applications for any item where there is an obligation for provision by a statutory authority.

c) Recipients of grants must take responsibility for insurance, maintenance and repairs of any items funded.

d) Grants towards replacement vehicles are considered only where evidence of the establishment of a replacement fund is available.

Value of Grant

The value of grants made will depend on available funds and the assessment of relevant information made available to the Charity. Payments cannot be made to individuals but can be made to the supplier of any equipment or via an appropriate local registered charity.


Some of the details we request may be personal and private, but you may be assured that all information will be treated in confidence.

How To Apply

To apply for a special individual needs grant, please complete this application form. If you would like us to mail you a copy of the application form, please contact us on 01206 323420

Supporting statements, professional assessments and estimates must be attached to your application form. Further professional assessments may be sought by the Charity at our discretion.

Remember that we want to help you, but we cannot process your application if we do not receive all the relevant information.

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